Cooling Systems

In a cooling system, water conditions vary according to the concentration cycles, the characteristics of feedwater, purging, priming, among others.

The salts dissolved in makeup water are concentrated, because the cooling process requires water evaporation. When water evaporates and its content of salts is concentrated, this can exceed the solubility capacity, and instead of remaining dissolved, they remain suspended or they precipitate. The constant solubility of some salts is also affected by temperature and the pH of the system’s water.

The salts dissolved, the temperature, the design, the location, the environment, etc. are factors that affect the system’s water, causing problems such as: encrustation, corrosion, contamination, biological growths and fouling. These problems affect both the efficiency and conservation of the equipment seriously.

Chemicals for the control and prevention of problems

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Corrosion inhibitors

Encrustation inhibitors

Cation resin regenerator

Corrosion and encrustation inhibitors

Potabilin microbicides

Cleaning agents for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes

Encrustation inhibitors for reverse osmosis membranes


Chlorine traces remover

Anion resin regenerators


Acid inhibitor